The Logo

The basics

There are two primary versions, horizontal and stacked, and both have versions with a tagline written underneath. The logo may be colored in solid white, black, or blue when being placed on solid color backgrounds or photographs.

Standard Logo
Standard Logo W/ Tagline
Stacked Logo
Stacked Logo W/ Tagline

Logo dos and don’ts

1. The font

Do not change the font of the WordStream logo. The "s" is always capitalized.

2. Backgrounds

Do not place the logo on a busy background. To place the logo on a photo, add a medium opacity black to reduce contrast, and fill the logo with white.

3. Spacing

Do keep the padding around the logo at a minimum spacing equal to height of the logo all around.

4. Distortion

Do not distort or stretch the proprortions of the wave. Do not use the wave in a repeating pattern.