We frequently use illustration in all of our marketing materials, from the website to our content downloads. Illustration is a great way to showcase our brand personality and create a unique visual language.

Illustration best practices

1. Color

Refer to our brand colors for color palette ideas. Use bold bright colors and avoid pastel color schemes, but don't oversaturate everything. Selectively utilize bold colors to call out the subjects you want to highlight, and allow the rest of the composition to sit back with lighter colors.

2. Strokes and outlines

Don't use outlines around objects in your illustration. This is too harsh and aggressive looking.

3. Illustrating people

If using people (or animals) in your illustration, make sure they are not faceless—having expressions gives our illustrations more life and is consistent with our brand values of feeling approachable and friendly. They can be a little cartoony, but don't overexaggerate features.

4. Shading

Use flat, bold shadows to create depth in your illustration. Avoid anything too realistic looking (e.g., skeumorphism), and keep gradients subtle and in the background.