Terms & Conditions

WHEREAS, WordStream operates a software platform and managed services offering that provides services to paid search advertisers;

WHEREAS, the “Referrer” desires to refer potential clients to WordStream; and

WHEREAS, the parties desire to enter into a referral relationship under which Referrer shall refer potential clients to WordStream in exchange for a Referral Fee (as defined below).

1.  Definitions.

1.1 “Referral” means a reasonably qualified and bona fide potential client or customer for Services, for which Referrer is directly responsible for soliciting and referring to WordStream by submitting the Referral through their unique referral link.

1.2 “Referrer” means the current WordStream customer who refers an acquaintance to the WordStream.

1.3 “Referral Fee” means the $250 discount off an invoice for both the Referral and Referrer.

1.4 “Retention Window” means the required 30-day window that a referral must remain a customer of WordStream for both Referral and Referrer to be eligible for Referral Fee.

2. Referral Fees & Eligibility.

2.1 Referral must be a WordStream customer beyond 30-days for the Referral Fee to apply. If the Referral is still a customer after the initial 30-day window, then the subsequent invoice for the Referral, and the Referrer, will be discounted $250.

2.2 If Referrer or Referrals invoice is less than $250 then the discount will cover the full invoice, however, the difference between the $250 and the full invoice will NOT rollover to next invoice.

2.3 If Referrer sends over multiple successful Referrals, then Referrer will receive $250 for each Referral that turns into a WordStream customer. WordStream will credit Referrer’s successive invoices until total referral amount has been discounted.

2.4 Referrer must be a current customer of WordStream to receive the Referral Fee.

2.5 If Referrer or Referral choose annual pre-pay option, the $250 refund will be attributed to both accounts after the 30-day window.

2.6 If multiple Referrers make the same Referral, the Referral Fee will default to the first Referrer.

2.7 For the Referral Fee to apply, this must be the first time the Referral is referred.

2.8 From the date with which Referral completes form fill, Referral has 90-day window to move forward with WordStream. Referral Fee will not apply after that window.

3. General.

3.1 WordStream reserves the right to qualify all referrals to decide whether they meet WordStream’s sales requirements.

3.2 WordStream reserves the sole right to determine contract terms, pricing, and any applicable promotions.