Everything you wanted to know about Video Ads, and everything you need to do to be successful.

With the highest average click-through-rate of any digital ad format, video ads are hands down the best way to advertise your business.

Whether you're just getting started with video ads, or a seasoned expert, you absolutely cannot miss our expert's live walk-through of today's most successful ad type. 

In our this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • All the reasons Video Ads are so successful (and the data to back it up)
  • Why it's critical to integrate Video Ads into your digital marketing plan (no matter what size your business is)
  • What you can do to create Video Ads that look expensive but aren't
  • How to optimize your new Video Ads for continued success

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We're recognized by Google to have the highest level of experience and proficiency in developing, launching, and managing AdWords campaigns for local merchants and small businesses. Being a Google Premier Partner, we receive extensive product training, tools, and AdWords support so our customers can stay ahead of the latest Google technology, saving you time and resources.

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Ardalan Z
Sr. Online Marketing Manager at Eargo

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Jeff R.
Account Director, Launch Marketing

Video Ads

How One Ad Format Can Revolutionize the Way You Advertise Online