Are you guilty of letting your keywords accumulate dust, as you flicked the auto-pilot switch on? Perhaps, you’re new to the world of pay per click or getting back in the game after a long hiatus? Either way, it’s the perfect time for a PPC confessional.

Our PPC experts will reveal the sinful ways that you’re harming your PPC account. From greed to envy, you may be shocked to learn that your PPC strategy is far from angelic.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to completely makeover your account structure, to improve results and optimize seamlessly
  • How to strategically chose the right match types & negatives to get the best performance possible
  • How to better allocate your budget and bids across your account
  • How to focus on and properly track the metrics that matter
Margot da Cunha
PPC Content Marketing Specialist, WordStream

  • Recently named the 25th MOST Influential PPC Expert by PPC Hero
  • Regular contributor to Search Engine Journal and
  • In her free time she enjoys running, eating ice cream & hanging out with her nephew
Erin Sagin
PPC Evangelist& Community Manager

  • Has specialized in Paid Search for 4+ years
  • Recently named the 3rd MOST influential PPC Expert by PPC Hero
  • In her spare time, you can catch her hula hooping, vacationing in the Caribbean or binging on reality TV
Elliott Reid
Agency Team Manager

  • Certified AdWords Consultant
  • 3+ years helping agencies of all sizes acquire new clients