The Target: Kristi Anderson, VP Marketing from - a start-up retail company with just 2 employees.

The Mission: Identify quick and specific ways for Kristi – a time strapped and overloaded marketing manager – to improve her Paid Search performance. To put it simply – GET HER MORE LEADS!

The Strategy: Pin-point key PPC performance improvement areas and see what Kristi can do in 30 days…

Join us for a free webinar, PPC Impossible: 1 person, 1 Month, 1200% Account Improvement, and see exactly what Kristi did in her 30 day challenge to show these astounding improvements in her AdWords account...

  •  Impression-weighted average Quality Score increased by 50%
  •  Average CTR went from .26% to 6.32% (24 times higher)
  •  Account activity score climbed from 39% to 72%

In this webinar, Kristi will share specifically how she drove these incredible AdWords improvements. You’ll learn what Kristi discovered about GetOutfitted’s account, what goals she set to make improvements, and how she improved her AdWords account performance by 1200% in just 30 days!

Kristi will also be joined by WordStream’s Customer Success Specialist, Margot da Cunha, who will share 5 actionable optimization tactics she’s currently using in Kristi’s account to improve her PPC performance even more.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

2:00 PM EST
(6:00 PM GMT/UTC)

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PPC Impossible

1 Person, 1 Month, 1200% Account Improvement

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