What does it take to grow your customer base from 0 to 25,000 in just 2 years and multiply both revenue and clients 10X in 3?

Find out the lead generation strategies behind these 2 REAL growth stories of startups LeadPages and WordStream at our next live webinar. On October 1st, Conversion Educator Tim Paige and Founder and CTO of WordStream Larry Kim will reveal the secrets and tactics behind their almost unbelievable success.

You’ll walk away with a trifecta of know-how:

  • 3 lessons learned from processing over 4 MILLION opt-ins per month
  • 3 ways to exponentially increase conversions with paid search advertising
  • The 3 most important landing page elements to test

Live Webinar


9 Lead Generation Tactics from 2 Fast-Growing Startups

PPC University

Tim Paige is the Conversion Educator at LeadPages and a experienced marketer in all forms of media. Tim spends his days speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries, and sharing his findings with business owners who want to increase their marketing results. In his short time at LeadPages, Tim has already helped grow LeadPages’ customer-base to 25,000 and increase the email list by another 40,000 leads.

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The Panelists:


Larry Kim is the Founder and CTO of WordStream, was voted the “most influential PPC expert” 2 years running, and has been cited in over 10k publications with more than 10 million views. Under his leadership, WordStream has grown revenue and clients 10x in 3 years, has become the 6th fastest growing private company in MA, and has raised a recent $12m round of funding.

Follow Larry on Twitter: @LarryKim


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