FACT: You do not know where half of your paid search conversions are coming from.

It’s true! 43% of all search conversions come from a phone call, not a click, an action which cannot be tracked through your search engine’s analytics! Thankfully phone calls make great leads – they are worth 3x more than clicks. But if you can’t track the origin of your calls, you will never know how to structure your campaigns to generate the most leads and conversions!

Join call tracking and mobile optimization experts from Marchex and WordStream to learn how to:

  • Unlock the full value of PPC by tracking phone call leads and conversions
  • Attribute phone call conversions down to the exact keyword
  • Reduce the number of spam and accidental calls freeing up PPC budget
  • Edge out your competitors’ ads on mobile to boost your conversion rate

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How Savvy PPC Advertisers Generate High-Quality Phone Call Leads

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Ben Kasdon is the Director of Product Management at WordStream, responsible for launching our new call tracking and landing page products. Ben has been in a product management role for more than 7 years and spent about half of that time working in the PPC space.

Jeff Braislin is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager for the Call Analytics business division at Marchex, where he is responsible for leading go to market and customer outreach initiatives. Jeff has been working on Marchex’s call analytics for over 5 years.

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