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On February 6, 2013 Google announced major changes to AdWords - primarily to add new functionality for advertisers that enables advanced mobile marketing techniques in a simplified platform.

On July 22, Google will be automatically updating all advertiser accounts to Enhanced formats which will reallocate budget across device types. Are you ready?

This resource center is a curation of helpful materials for search marketers looking for answers to their Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns questions. Get tips and expert advice on how to implement, and then maximize return on all of the great new features Enhanced Campaigns offers. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates. 

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Upgrading Your Account
Enhanced Campaign 101
What People Are Saying
Optimizing Your PPC Ads - FREE eBooks

Introduction to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns - What Advertisers Need to Know

Join WordStream founder, Larry Kim, as he explores the key changes of Google's Enhanced Campaigns & Display Network, and what they mean for advertisers. Topics covered include:

  • The Importance of User Context 
  • Device Targeting: Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops 
  • Bid Management: Day Parting, Location Bidding & Mobile Bidding
  • Enhanced Sitelinks & Ad Extensions

Webinar Duration: 57 minutes
Recorded: March 21, 2013


Helpful News Coverage by Topic

Download Google's FREE guide on 'Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns'.

Upgrading Your Account

Enhanced Campaigns 101

What People Are Saying

Use 'The Full Value of Mobile' calculator to identify new mobile PPC opportunities. 

Benchmark your AdWords performance! Your customized report identifies key areas for improvement to increase paid search ROI.

New Feature: Find out what your Enhanced Campaigns upgrade risk is.

Learn how Sitelinks and Ad Extensions can help increase ad conversions and enable advertisers to take advantage of user context.

Watch: How to Optimize PPC in 20 Minutes a Week!

Enhanced Campaigns makes mobile paid search easier for businesses of all sizes. Download this guide for 7 Steps to Mobile PPC Success.

Optimizing Your PPC Ads

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

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How-To Videos

  1. Upgrade Overview
  2. How to Migrate
  3. Mobile Bid Adjustmets
  4. Call Extensions
  5. Sitelink Extensions
  6. Location Based Bid Adjustments
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