Join us for an hour-long session to learn how “happy juice” can help break through your audience’s indifference and drive better results from your sales and marketing efforts.

Attendees will learn from small business guru and Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall, as he shares what the happy juice principle is and how it can help drive stronger connections with your audience. Then, get real business examples from WordStream’s Marketing Director Amber Stevens and see how happy juice enables you to capture more leads and convert them to sales!

Our goal for this session is that each attendee walks away with 4 practical ways to apply the happy juice principle across their own marketing strategies to craft:

  • Paid search ads with killer click-through rates
  • Emails with sky-high open rates
  • Engaging blog posts with shares & comments
  • ... and more!

Monday, May 19th

4:00 pm ET | 8:00 pm UTC


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