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Stop guessing if you're driving calls with paid search.
Start knowing!

Know the Keyword: See where your calls are coming from by tracking each of them uniquely - all the way back to the exact click and keyword you paid for.

Know the Campaign: See which campaigns, ad groups, ads, match types, and keywords are driving high-quality phone calls, and start identifying new trends, opportunities, and wasted spend.

Know the Call: Track phone call leads directly back to paid search to measure and prove the true ROI of your campaigns. Record and listen to calls to evaluate the quality of calls coming from paid search, so you can focus time and energy on your best leads.

I found that Wordstream’s PPC Advisor solution helped my business increase our lead flow while saving me time and trouble with paid search. I am provided an all in one Adwords solution, and no longer needed a 3rd party for call tracking and landing pages. Just the cost savings on the third party solutions alone offset the cost of the entire WordStream software!

- Danny Rios, Business Owner, AmeraguardSA

How Call Tracking Works

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Call Tracking from WordStream empowers you to track phone leads that result from your PPC advertising efforts. This new solution will allow you to tie the calls you receive back to the campaign, ad group, ad copy, match type, and even keyword that drove a particular call.

You'll also have the option of recording calls, which will then be available within WordStream's PPC Advisor platform. Listening to these calls will give you deeper insight into which keywords are driving the best and most valuable leads.

What You Get

What Is It?

Call Tracking from WordStream is an add-on feature in our powerful, all-in-one paid search marketing solution, PPC Advisor. For a limited-time, exclusive special offer, you can get Call Tracking FREE (up to 3,000 clicks) with a subscription to WordStream's PPC Advisor.  See pricing page for more detail.

Key Product Features:

  • See which keywords, match types, and ads are driving calls

  • View phone and web leads in one spot

  • Listen to call recordings and monitor for quality

  • Easy set-up

How It Works

What Is PPC Advisor?

WordStream PPC Advisor is a powerful, innovative software platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. PPC Advisor guides you to optimize your AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ad campaigns in just 20 minutes per week. The software also includes landing page and lead management tools plus beautiful, infographic-like PPC success reporting.

PPC Advisor Features:

  • NEW! Call Tracking: Tie your phone calls you receive back to the campaign, ad group, ad copy, match type, and even keyword level

  • The 20-Minute PPC Work Week: Create, optimize, manage, and measure high-performance PPC campaigns in just 20 minutes a week

  • Landing Page & Leads: Build and manage effective PPC landing pages and track form conversions right within our platform. It's simple, complete, and designed for PPC

  • PPC Success Reporting: Instantly generate beautiful, easy-to-read PPC reports at the click of a button, complete with insights into your performance and tips on how to improve your results

  • Keyword Discovery Tools

  • Full AdWords/Bing Ads Integration

  • Quality Score Management Tools

  • Actionable PPC Alerts

  • Ongoing Product Support

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See It In Action!

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*Initially available for U.S. and Canada Customers.  Agencies, please call for pricing.

Call Tracking from WordStream is available to both advertisers and agencies in the U.S. and Canada with a subscription to WordStream's PPC Advisor

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How It Works

Advertisers: Maximize your paid search ROI.  Discover which campaigns are actually driving high-quality call-in leads, and start making proactive and informed improvements. For advertisers, Call Tracking from WordStream is completely FREE (up to 3,000 clicks)!

Agencies: Add value to your agency's PPC services. Capture revenue for clients by tracking calls from PPC right down to the keyword.  WordStream has special plans and pricing for agencies, so please schedule a free demo for more detail.

Already have call tracking? Call Tracking from WordStream is likely to be less expensive than your current provider. Our pricing is based on monthly click-volume, not the number of talk minutes or volume of phone numbers required. Plus, there's no need to login to a separate tool to monitor your calls and listen to recordings. With WordStream, it’s all in one place! 


See It In Action!

See It In Action!